Protection or registration of intellectual property in East Timor is still pending matter since there is no law to regulate it or any IP Office to administrate it. The country is currently developing their human resources in preparation for the future establishment of IP Laws in East Timor.

Considering the circumstances, IP Owners need to be more proactive in making their IPs known to the public in East Timor and at the same time informing clearly that they are the original source of the products or services traded in East Timor. This can be done by means of Cautionary Notice Advertisement in the East Timor’s local newspapers or magazines.

By advertising Cautionary Notice in East Timor, the IP Owners are trying to secure the earliest possible claim of the first use of their IP in East Timor in anticipation of future establishment of IP Laws in the country. When an IP Owner decides to advertise Cautionary Notice of their IPs in East Timor, they can base their notice on the registration of their IP in home country. Meaning that if, for example, they have registered trademark in their home country, they can use the same information from their trademark registration for the purpose of advertising their Cautionary Notice, e.g.: name and address of the IP Owner, the specimen of the mark, the International Class and the specification of goods and services, etc.

A Cautionary Notice may be published using English and Portuguese Languages. When an IP Owner has used or will use their trademarks/patents/industrial designs/copyrights in East Timor, they should begin considering the most important measure they should take in protection their IPs in this country, making known that they are the rightful owner of their trademarks, industrial design, copyrights, or patents

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